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Whole Body Cryotherapy - Tanglewood

Whole Body Cryotherapy - Tanglewood

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We’ll reach out to schedule your Cryotherapy session for your first visit in Tanglewood. We can’t wait to see you!

Any questions? Email us at or call us at 281-369-4824.


An ancient practice made for the modern age. Our Whole Body Cryotherapy (2-3 minute session) may help optimize sleep and defy signs of aging while boosting overall energy.


A Whole Body Cryotherapy session is usually $42. After your first service, become a member with a $99 first month or buy a pack to save on your Cryotherapy services.

This offer is valid at our Tanglewood location only. Each promotional offer can be used once per customer.


Whole Body Cryotherapy may help the body...

- Relieve pain, swelling and stress

- Promote healing and athletic recovery

- Boost mood, energy and sleep

Length of Service

A first time cryo session is 2.5 minutes

What to Expect

After you complete a simple medical waiver you’ll head to a private changing room. Our Cryotherapy Chamber uses sub-zero temperatures to deliver cold therapy, so you’ll need to protect certain parts of your body from the cold! We’ll provide you with a hat, socks and gloves to use during your Cryotherapy session. Some people simply wear their shorts or other workout clothes, but we’ll provide you with a robe if you prefer a little extra coverage.

Once you’re changed into your protective gear, you’ll head back to our proprietary Cryotherapy chamber. You can select some music to pump you up, then you’ll enter the chamber where you’ll stay for up to 2.5 minutes.

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