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Compression - Tanglewood

Compression - Tanglewood

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We’ll reach out to schedule your Compression session for your first visit in Tanglewood. We can’t wait to see you!

Any questions? Email us at or call us at 281-369-4824.


No pressure, no diamonds! Compression may help your body improve the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid, boost recovery, circulation and healing. This relaxing treatment applies controlled, dynamic pressure to extremities like the arms, legs and hips using NormaTec Pulse Rx 2.0 technology—the gold standard in Compression. Intended to treat various lymphedema conditions, including venous insufficiency, and may help prevent deep vein thrombosis in sessions of just 30-60 minutes each.


A Compression session is usually $42. After your first service, become a member with a $99 first month or buy a pack to save on your Compression services.

This offer is valid at our Tanglewood location only. Each promotional offer can be used once per customer.


Compression may help the body...

- Improve lymphatic function and circulation

- Reduce muscle aches and pain

- Improve flexibility and mobility

Length of Service

Minimum 30 minutes per treatment

What to Expect

Compression is a relaxing experience that may feel quite similar to a massage. After completing a simple waiver, our expert staff will have you lay down on one of our comfortable lounge chairs, and put our NormaTec Compression boots on your legs. Our Compression boots are comfortable, flexible devices that cover your foot all the way up to over your knee. During your session, you lay back and relax while the boots gradually fill with pressurized air and then empty out. The result is a light, controlled pressure on your extremities. You can also choose to place the Compression sleeves on your arms. With our Compression session, you’re in control! You can choose the level of pressure you prefer, and the time you’d like to spend enjoying Compression.

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